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Employee and Family Support Programme (EFP)

The Employee and Family Support Programme (EFP) is our flagship programme, developed specifically for the working heartland of our industry. It is designed to make an immediate and sustainable positive impact on your business and your people.

Staff productivity is a critical factor for any organisation but equally as important is recognising the personal life of employees and how central it is to their wellbeing.

When things go wrong the Electrical Industries Charity is here to help with a range of services which address issues such as family or relationship problems through to debt advice, ill health and disability.

Employee: To download our programme brochure click here.
Employer: To download our programme brochure click here.

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Client Story

Finding Balance and Reclaiming Wellness

Sarah, an employee with a diagnosed ADHD, found herself grappling with excessive drinking, smoking, and challenges in mood regulation. As her personal struggles began to affect her marriage and overall well-being, she recognised the need for intervention.

Seeking a path towards improvement, she reached out to our charity for support. Recognising the interconnected nature of her challenges, we connected her with Ross Hyslop, a specialist in personal development and emotional well-being.

Through counselling sessions, Sarah embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth. She learned strategies to manage her ADHD, gained tools to overcome mood regulation difficulties, and found ways to address the strain on her marriage. In addition, we provided her with valuable resources, signposting her to organisations like Turn2us and StepChange for financial advice.

Sarah’s story showcases the profound impact of personalised support and dedicated guidance. Through her commitment to her well-being and the resources provided by our charity, she found the strength to transform her challenges into stepping stones toward a healthier and more balanced life.

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