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Our commitment to supporting the wellbeing of individuals in the electrical industry extends to our “Wellbeing Talks” series. These informative and insightful sessions are conducted online, featuring a diverse array of speakers who delve into crucial topics ranging from mental health awareness to financial assistance

Join us each month on the first Wednesday of every month 8.30am – 9.30am , when our expert speakers will offer invaluable information and unique insight. The speakers will be offering their personal experiences and practical strategies absolutely free to support the overall development and well-being of our industry

Budgeting and being spend savvy

The winner of the British Bank Award – Online Financial Influencer of the Year 2023! Megan is an expert in being money savvy and is joining us to discuss how best to lighten the burden of financial pressure. In her career as The Savvy Spender, she has been featured in several newspapers and articles with her excellent money hacks, budgeting tips and her aim to deliver financial empowerment.

Codependency, eating disorders and the power of active listening

Veronica has cared for her two daughters who both suffered with an eating disorder. She also cared for her brother who had schizophrenia and her late husband who had colonic cancer.

She runs her own organisation “Eating Disorders & Carers” which covers a variety of roles focused on supporting and advising carers in eating disorders.

She is a carer representative on QED (Quality Network for Eating Disorders) at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. She is involved with “The Triangle of Care” nationally and has just completed a year’s training on “Open Dialogue”

She runs training for professionals and carers on “Co-dependency” and
“The Importance of Active Listening” as well as offering counselling to families.
She received an “Eating Disorders National Award” from beat (formerly the Eating Disorders Association) in recognition of her contribution to the world of eating disorders.
She was awarded “Carer Contributor of the Year” by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Finding Your Feet

Dr Cor Hutton MBE was given a 5% chance of survival in 2013. She lived, but doctors were forced to amputate both of her hands and legs. Since then, Cor has founded an award-winning charity for amputees, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and became the first Scot to receive a double hand transplant. Her work has changed the lives of families with limb loss, and this story of adversity – delivered with as much humour as pain – has inspired audiences throughout the UK to become more resilient and provided the tools to deal with trauma.

Navigating Family Law

I am a mum of 2 boys. In my previous life (before children) I was a family solicitor practising in the UK. I specialised in children proceedings and domestic abuse proceedings dealing with matters from the application stage through to final hearings. Due to my own personal circumstances and lifestyle choices, I do not currently hold a practising certificate meaning I am not a practising solicitor and therefore I cannot give legal advice only offer my full support and assistance in your cases. I am open, honest and truthful and will help in any way I can with your family law matter. BOOK NOW

Mental Health Awareness

Tom founded his company, Toms Talks, to make a difference. His main aim is to raise awareness and to spread the message that it’s okay not to be okay. Tom shares his story of loss of his brother by suicide and the journey he went through following his bereavement. No matter what dark times we may go through, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Tom is passionate to look at the different ways we can improve our own mental wellness, along with how we can support others in our lives if they’re struggling. He is also keen to raise awareness of the prevalence of social media and its proven impact on mental health.

Be PROUD of who you are – We see you

David Hull-Watters is a leading inclusion and wellbeing consultant, who has claimed several awards for his commitment to ensuring not only a more inclusive workplace but a more inclusive future for all. He is an Associate Consultant and Trainer for the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion and EMBED Inclusion. He was also awarded the Vodaphone World of Difference Award for his pioneering work and is now a popular choice as a speaker for corporate and public events, discussing his expertise in neurodiversity, conscious inclusion, inclusive leadership and recruitment, inclusive language, disability confident practice and allyship and LGBTQ+ issues.

A morning discussion The Brain Charity

The Brain Charity has 30 years of experience of supporting neurodivergent people. We are joined by one of their team to explore neurodiversity. We will hear a personal story of diagnosis in adulthood and will look at how we can support those going through and post-diagnosis.

Building resilience / looking after yourself

Danny, a professional in the electrical industry has worked with schools, businesses, and individuals to bring a unique blend of professional insight and personal experience to the well-being space. Danny openly shares his personal experiences in managing mental health, fostering a relatable and empathetic connection. His sessions go beyond conventional advice, offering practical insights and tools for self-care, making well-being an accessible and transformative journey for all of us.

The Ripple Effect

Francesca is a Trustee of The Ben Raemers Foundation in memory of her cousin, a professional skateboarder, who she lost to suicide in 2019. She is also a Legal Operations dot connector for Linklaters and their clients and a person listener at The Listening Place for people who feel like life is no longer worth living.

She has a huge passion for the legal and corporate world to drive awareness around wellbeing, the importance of emotional openness and bringing our whole selves to work through building a people-centric culture of empathy, storytelling and empowering individuals.

Menopause Awareness

Sue Doughty is the founder and CEO of Westmeria Counselling Service, which was established in 2003, with the aim to help those in the local community who were experiencing poor mental health. Sue is a very experienced counsellor and has expertise in several areas of psychology. Sue has a passion for supporting those who are experiencing menopause and is joining us to discuss what menopause looks like and how we can support those around us.

Life after retirement

Ian is a Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and has worked within psychological settings for over twenty years. Through his company, Flexible Mind Psychology, he offers a different approach for those who are assumed to be okay on the outside, but who are actually struggling on the inside. Ian focuses on connections and development of fulfilling relationships.

He holds specific training in, and has implemented, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Group Analytic Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Radically Open Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (RO DBT), which aims to treat disorders of overcontrol.

Managing Grief

Ross is a counsellor who is passionate about helping people of all ages with the issues associated with mental health. He is an expert in addiction and the process of recovery, helping you to discover the root cause of things that are blocking you from being your best.