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Practical Participation Programme (PPP)

Our invaluable stakeholders within the electrical and energy industries are perfectly placed to support this initiative. When handing out financial grants to people in need of building rectification or modification to assist with disability access, we often require practical assistance in terms of building materials, engineering and installation skills and equipment to support the upgrades.

Another way our industry can support the Charity is to participate in our Practical Support Programme which allows individuals and companies to provide services and materials on a voluntary basis and as a result dramatically reduce the cost of these projects.

The Practical Participation Programme harnesses your specialist skills in terms of time, equipment and materials – providing practical help where it is needed most.

To download our programme brochure click here.

You will work alongside the EIC (and our leading charity partners) in solving or contributing to solutions, for those in desperate need of your help. Once you have registered as a PPP partner we will approach you on an as-needed basis to ask for your assistance.

Contact Tessa Ogle for more information or to register as a programme partner: 020 3696 1710

Client Stories

Mark has served 18 years in the electrical industry. He lives with his wife Lisa, in their own home in York with their 7 year old daughter Lily, 2 year old son Ben and 6 year old son Max who is severely disabled.

Max was born very prematurely at 26 weeks gestation. At 1 year old he was diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia and Chronic Lung Disease. Max is wheelchair bound and unable to do anything for himself. He cannot see or communicate. Mark and Lisa are currently lifting Max everywhere in the house, including up the stairs but he is getting very heavy to handle and this has become a safety issue.

Mark and Lisa have been awarded a Disabled Facilities Grant of £30k for a full 2 storey extension to their home to enable a through floor lift to be built which will transport Max up to his bedroom and wet room. The extension also includes a separate storage room for Max’s equipment (2 x chairs, standing frame, walking frame, specialist bike etc.). The total cost of the adaptation works, including the council fees, is over £80K and it is important to note that the Disabled Facilities Grant has not increased in line with inflation for many years. The council has offered a loan of £10K (secured against the property) and Mark and Lisa will use their £10K savings. Other charities have been contacted and a further £4K has been secured. In addition, we have contacted the Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust and they have agreed to fund the cost of a ‘Changing Stretcher’ which is an essential piece of equipment.

Mark and Lisa are now left with a shortfall of £26K which the Electrical Industries Charity has agreed to meet.

In addition to this adaptation the family has been quoted £21k for a loft conversion. Max and Ben currently share a bedroom and this will not be possible once the bedroom is converted for Max’s needs. The through floor lift will be coming up into the bedroom and the ceiling track hoist will be fitted along with Max’s hospital bed and wheelchair so there will be no room for a bed for Ben. They will be extending their mortgage to meet this cost.

Max also has ABR Therapy at a cost of £5k per annum but the family try to fundraise to meet part of this cost. There is always additional expenditure in caring for a disabled child and Max will need care for the rest of his life. Mark and Lisa are in their current financial position simply because they are trying to make life better for Max as any parent would…
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Lisa says: “There are so many ways to say thank you, but none of them will express how we really feel. When Max was born so premature we were uncertain if he would survive. To then be told that Max would never walk, talk and would be confined to a wheelchair brought a whole roller coaster of emotions. Having a disabled child is like being very lost in a world you have never been in before.”

“As a mum I felt so helpless, scared and worried for Max and I just wanted to wrap him up in cotton wool and protect him from everyone. After fighting for the last six years for help getting Max everything he needs to move forward and support him in our world, we have become a family that is used to being told NO. Most of the time we feel every day is a fight.”

“So when someone like The Electrical Industries Charity & Edmundson Electrical say YES all the locked up emotions suddenly come flooding out. We didn’t stop crying for a whole week — someone actually wants to help us. You will never know or understand how much this means to us and you have suddenly made our lives a whole lot easier and for that we are truly grateful.”

“Having the electrical equipment Edmundson’s have supplied for Max is fantastic. I would not have known where to start. It has worked really well between the electrician & Edmundson’s. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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