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Pensioner Support Programme (PSP)

For many people, being retired means a reduced income which can leave individuals struggling to pay household bills, unsecured debts, or both. Any unexpected expenses, such as replacing a broken appliance may become difficult to cover.

Businesses adopting the PSP can reach out to their retired colleagues in need, often providing a vital community connection that can be lost in retirement.

The Charity can provide a hand up with financial grants and assistance services. To achieve the best outcomes for our PSP clients we work seamlessly with a broad range of professional charitable and service providers across the community, health, welfare, legal, financial and psychology spectrum.

We are members of the Helplines Partnership and our counselling services are accredited with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

All services provided by the EIC and its partner organisations remain free and confidential

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Client Story

Navigating Loss and Finding Support

Life took an unexpected turn for Margaret, a pensioner, when her husband passed away suddenly. Grieving and grappling with the loss, she faced the daunting prospect of arranging a funeral on her own. Her husband, a former Air Force member and electrical engineer, had left behind a legacy of service and commitment.

In her moment of need, our charity stepped in, connecting with SSAFA, an organisation that supports armed forces personnel and their families. SSAFA generously covered a significant portion of the funeral expenses, alleviating a significant burden for Margaret.

However, financial concerns persisted as the couple had accumulated debt over time. Recognising the importance of holistic support, we signposted Margaret to Turn2us and StepChange, organisations specialising in financial advice and debt management.

In addition to financial assistance, we offered ongoing bereavement support, recognising that the journey through loss is a complex one. Through collaboration and compassionate guidance, we helped Margaret navigate through this challenging chapter and laid the groundwork for her future well-being.

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