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The Electrical Industries Charity is governed by a Board of Trustees whose support and dedication ensures that the work of the EIC is made available to those in need who work, or have worked, in the electrical industry.

The Electrical Industries Charity is governed by a Council which meets a minimum of four times during the year. The Council leads and controls the Charity via the Managing Director to deliver the organisation’s aims and objectives and to set strategic direction and policy so as to uphold it’s mission, vision and values.

The President is the Chair of Council, which consists of up to 13 Members including the President.

President and Chairman of the Council: Jeremy Saunders – City Electrical Factors Ltd
Vice President: Alison Chapell – RWE

Council Members – Council comprises the following Members, who are Trustees and Directors, and who held office during the period:

Members of the Council:
Andrew Reakes – The Joint Industry Board
Andrew Sturgess – Aico
Danny Carey* – Schneider Electric
David Fielder – Edmundson Electrical
David Gardiner – Aon Hewitt Consulting
David MacDonald – MACD Electrical
David Pownall – Schneider Electric
Andy Roach – Omexom
Marcus Leek – Rexel
Samantha McFall – ANEW
Stewart Gregory – Immediate Past President
*EP Rotating seat

Discuss and review proposals presented by the Managing Director and review and make recommendations to Council on specific issues. The President’s Group comprises the President, Vice Presidents, Immediate Past President, up to two Council Members and the Managing Director when required.

This subgroup provides independent assessment of the quality and effectiveness of the Electrical Industries Charity’s welfare care programmes.

Welfare Audit Group members:

J. Ong (Chair)
A Miller*
D Mouskovias
K. Rolfe
M. Dore
M. Small
R. Jones
S. Mooney
*EP Rotating seat

This subgroup oversees the systems, controls and processes that may have an impact on the Charity’s ability to meet its objectives. This Working Group reports to the Council on matters regarding their financial responsibilities including financial risk management. Its role includes Budgeting and Financial Performance, Internal Financial Control and Financial Risk Management, Financial Reporting and External Audit, Reserves and Investments, and IT Strategy.

Finance Working Group members:

T. Appleton
T. Foreman
D. Gardiner
T. Lambeth
D. Olunlade*
*EP Rotating seat

The EP Board is made up of talent in the industry with less than 10 years experience. The purpose of the EP board is to assist with key projects to help the charity achieve it’s objectives. Members learn about the management and strategy side of charities by taking on a leadership role. It also gives the members the chance to raise their profile within the industry and aid their professional development. We meet 4 times a year and attend the Trustee meetings once a year to put forward key initiatives the Charity will undertake for the year. The EP Board hold 2 voting positions on the Trustee board and delivery a fresh perspective from our emerging leaders in the industry.

Emerging Professionals Board members:

Alice Davies – Schneider Electric
Amy Miller – Schneider Electric
Danny Carey – Schneider Electric
Danny Mouskovias – Certsure
Dolapo Olunlade – RWE
Katie Bates – WAGO
Paul Brookes – City Electrical Factors
Richard Scott – Heatmap
Tom Appleton – EDF Energy

Currently under review

Become a Trustee:
Trustees are voting members of the Charity’s governing body and set out the strategic direction of the charity and work to ensure we’re well managed and meet our objectives. They are also responsible by law for our financial security and transparency.

Our Trustee board needs people with a range of skills and experience. Some of which may be particularly helpful include:

Investment and finance
Project management & engineering
Public relations
Information technology
To find out about Trustee openings, contact: business@electricalcharity.org