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The Electrical Industries Charity is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting individuals and families within the electrical and energy industries. Our mission is to provide assistance and services to those in need within these sectors.

No, the EIC provide a completely free service to our industry.

Eligibility varies depending on the specific program or service. Typically, individuals who work or have worked in the electrical and energy industries, including their families, may qualify for assistance.

Yes. We believe in supporting the entire family. Whether it’s financial assistance, counselling or other services, family members (in the same household) of electrical workers can also benefit from our programs.

We provide a wide range of services, including Mental health support, Bereavement counselling, Legal advice, Advocacy, CV Support following redundancy and job loss, Psychiatric assessments, Will support, Emergency financial assistance. Our goal is to address various needs within the industry.

If you’re experiencing financial challenges, you can apply for emergency financial assistance from the Electrical Industries Charity. Please reach out to our support team to discuss your circumstances.

Yes, the Electrical Industries Charity recognises the importance of mental well-being and offers a range of services, including counselling, helplines, and well-being programs. If you or someone you know needs support, please contact us.

Yes, we have programs designed to support apprentices, such as free mental health training.

The EIC are passionate about helping people in our industry and know that you are too. We rely solely on fundraising and that’s why we need to Stand Together to support ourselves and our colleagues. You can donate here: Enthuse.

Yes, we regularly organise fundraising events and campaigns. Visit our events page to find out more [link to events page]

We welcome volunteers and ambassadors who share our commitment to helping those in need within the electrical industry. You can express your interest in volunteering or becoming an ambassador through our website or by contacting our team directly. Regional Committees fundraising@electricalcharity.org

There are various ways to support the Electrical Industries Charity, including making a donation, organising fundraising events, volunteering, or partnering with us. Visit our “Support Us” page for more details.

Yes, your privacy is of utmost importance to us. All information shared with the Electrical Industries Charity is kept strictly confidential and only used to provide you with assistance.

Yes. We welcome partnerships with businesses and organisations. Partnering with the Electrical Industries Charity can help support the welfare of electrical and energy sector workers and their families. Visit our “Partnerships” page for more details. business@electricalcharity.org

The Electrical Industries Charity relies on generous donations, fundraising events, partnerships, and grants to fund our services. Our commitment is to channel these funds directly to assist those in need within our industry. find out more about how you can support us here

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The Electrical Industries Charity is committed to transparency. We regularly publish financial reports and updates on our projects, ensuring donors can see how their contributions make a real difference.

Legacy donations make a lasting impact. Please contact our fundraising team for guidance on how to include Electrical Industries Charity in your will. fundraising@electricalcharity.org