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Practical Support Programme (PPP)

Our invaluable stakeholders within the electrical and energy industries are perfectly placed to support this initiative. When handing out financial grants to people in need of building rectification or modification to assist with disability access, we often require practical assistance in terms of building materials, engineering and installation skills and equipment to support the upgrades.

Another way our industry can support the Charity is to participate in our Practical Support Programme which allows individuals and companies to provide services and materials on a voluntary basis and as a result dramatically reduce the cost of these projects.

The Practical Participation Programme harnesses your specialist skills in terms of time, equipment and materials – providing practical help where it is needed most.

You will work alongside the EIC (and our leading charity partners) in solving or contributing to solutions, for those in desperate need of your help. Once you have registered as a PPP partner we will approach you on an as-needed basis to ask for your assistance.

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Client Story

A Helping Hand for a Family in Crisis

Amidst the excitement of renovating their new house, Chloe and her husband Kevin, a dedicated self-employed electrician, faced an unexpected challenge. Their joy turned to worry when their baby daughter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at just eight weeks old. The renovation project they had undertaken revealed a hidden problem – significant damp that posed a serious threat to their baby’s health.

As medical professionals advised them to stay away from the damp environment, Chloe and her husband found themselves in a tight spot. Their pleas for support from the council, insurance company, and mortgage provider fell on deaf ears. Exhausting their savings on the renovation, they were left with a home that was unsafe for their precious child.

In their time of need, they turned to our charity, seeking assistance to damp-proof their house and create a safe haven for their baby. Recognising the urgency of the situation, we joined hands with Lighthouse Club and Rainy Day Trust to raise the funds necessary to rectify the damp issue.

Through a collective effort, we not only provided financial aid but also extended a caring hand to this family. The collaborative spirit of our charity network ensured that Chloe, her husband, and their baby girl could return to a safe and comfortable home environment. Their story is a testament to the transformative power of support and solidarity during challenging times.

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