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A national charity for the local community

The Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) plays a vital role in the welfare and betterment of individuals associated with the electrical and energy industry.

The Charity covers the full electrical industry and energy industries, which is over 1 million people. This spans from the generation & renewables sector, manufacturing, installers & contractors and retail & distribution. 

Those in the industry and their families

The primary beneficiaries of the Electrical Industries Charity are those directly involved in the electrical industry. Whether it’s an electrician who has suffered a debilitating injury or a technician facing unexpected hardships, the charity is there to lend a helping hand. The assistance isn’t only limited to the workers but also extends to their immediate families (living in the same household). This could be in the form of emergency financial assistance, counselling or legal advice.

Retirees from the Electrical Industry

As with any profession, retirement can bring about a unique set of challenges. For those who’ve dedicated years to the electrical industry, the Electrical Industries Charity ensures they are not left without support in their twilight years. This may include assistance with medical expenses, counselling for mental well-being, or simply offering a platform for social interaction among peers.

If you or someone you know is associated with the electrical industry and needs assistance, consider reaching out to the Electrical Industries Charity.

Apprentices and Students

The future of the electrical industry lies in the hands of its young apprentices and students. Recognising this, the Electrical Industries Charity extends its support to them, ensuring they have the resources to complete their education and training.
We offer free mental health training to any apprentice in the industry.