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Celebrating Success: EDA Education & Training Awards Annual Dinner

On Thursday 7 March 2024, the Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA) held its prestigious Annual Awards Dinner at London’s Park Lane, where the spotlight shone on excellence in education and training within the industry. The event, attended by 570 guests, was the perfect occasion to honour the remarkable achievements of individuals and organisations dedicated to advancing skills and knowledge in the electrical sector.

Among the highlights of the evening was the presentation of the EDA Investor in Training Awards, which recognise outstanding commitment to staff development through the Association’s module and apprenticeship programs. These awards are the culmination of rigorous selection from among thousands of managers in wholesaler and manufacturer businesses across the UK, showcasing their dedication to nurturing talent and fostering growth within their teams.

In addition to celebrating excellence in education and training, the event also served a noble purpose by raising £7300 for the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC). This significant contribution demonstrates the industry’s unwavering commitment to supporting those in need and making a positive impact within our community.

Reflecting on the event, Grace Ellis, Welfare Director at the EIC commented “

It was a truly wonderful evening, full of celebration and inspiration. Witnessing the generosity behind the £7300 donation on the evening was electrifying! It’s truly heartwarming to know that industry members are looking out for fellow industry members.”

As we celebrate the success of the EDA Education & Training Awards Gala, let us applaud the efforts of all involved in promoting excellence and innovation in education within the electrical sector. Together, we can continue to invest in the future of our industry and make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

Congratulations to the deserving award winners and sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this remarkable event. Your dedication and generosity truly make a difference.

You can read more about the awards winners here: