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Spotlight on Excellence: Aico Community Awards Illuminate Birmingham Convention Centre

In a dazzling display of recognition and celebration, Aico’s bi-annual Community Awards illuminated Birmingham’s International Convention Centre on Thursday, April 18th.

With 400 guests and finalists in attendance, the event honoured the exceptional contributions of individuals and organisations within the social housing industry and local communities across the UK.

This year, the event not only celebrated excellence but also extended its support to the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC), emphasising the importance of giving back to those in need within the electrical sector.

It was the honour having our esteemed welfare team from the EIC as invited guests. Throughout the event, they had the incredible opportunity to engage with attendees, sharing the charity’s vital mission and raising awareness about the essential support it provides to individuals and families within the electrical industry. It was a privilege for our team to be part of such an inspiring occasion, allowing us to amplify our message and connect with the industry in a meaningful way.

As the awards ceremony concluded, guests were treated to an evening of jubilation, dancing into the night alongside the vibrant sounds of the Top Collective, a sensational 9-piece ensemble band.

Grace Ellis, Welfare Director at the Electrical Industries Charity commented about the event, “Participating in events such as the Aico Community Awards serves as a powerful reminder of the significant influence of collective acknowledgment and assistance. Experiencing the generosity and jubilation firsthand was incredibly uplifting, reigniting our dedication to assisting and empowering individuals within the electrical industry.”

The Aico Community Awards not only honoured inspirational individuals and organisations but also made a significant impact on a charitable cause. The event raised nearly £7,000 for the EIC, with Aico generously donating further, resulting in a total contribution of £16,620.

Through the power of recognition and philanthropy, the Aico Community Awards exemplify the spirit of giving and excellence within the social housing industry and beyond.