Just picture this for a moment – life is ticking along nicely, you have a happy home life, strong relationship and a good job. However, in an instant, unexpected news can suddenly turn your world upside down. The sudden passing of a loved one, financial worries or an accident can bring about a range of different emotions as well as challenges that would be impossible to prepare for. 

According to the charity Action on Addiction, one in three people are addicted to something. An addiction can come in many forms and can take over your life, affecting your health, work, study, relationships and finances, and overcoming one can be a very lengthy and challenging journey.

Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer and one in two of us will be affected by it at some point in our lives. A diagnosis of cancer can be the most devastating experience which can bring added challenges to day to day life. A solid support network can be crucial during this difficult time because no one should face cancer alone.

A cancer diagnosis is extremely upsetting for anybody, but it can be an even greater shock when it comes after what was perhaps thought to be a fairly routine medical appointment. This was the case for 56 year old James, whose dentist referred him to hospital where he was diagnosed with throat cancer.

Taking care of a sick child is one of the most challenging experiences that any parent can face and can be both mentally and physically demanding. Beyond handling physical challenges and medical needs, parents have to deal with their child's emotional needs and the impact that a prolonged condition can have on the entire family.

Mrs June Lever* is a 91-year-old pensioner who has been paying £4 every month for 26 years into the powerLottery. After her husband passed away, June continued to pay into the lottery, hoping to get lucky with one of her four lottery numbers.

We all know that we need to try and get our head down for eight hours a night to make sure we’re at our best the next day, but statistics reveal that the average UK adult gets only 6.28 hours of sleep at night.

As the need for our assistance grows at a high rate from the Electrical Industry and its employees, our overall resources as a Charity are becoming increasingly stretched, and certainly in the last 18 months are failing to keep up with ever growing demands particularly around mental health and bereavement.

We can give a hand-up to everyone in our industry.

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