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Suicide Prevention Month

In the month dedicated to suicide prevention, we come together as a community to shed light on an important subject.

It is time to raise awareness and raise understanding. Suicide affects individuals and communities in many ways. However, it is crucial to remember that even in the darkest moments, there is hope and help available.

Promoting open conversations, reducing mental health stigma and creating a supportive environment are ways in which suicide can be prevented. We must reach out to those who are struggling and listen to them without judgment and empathy. Let us educate ourselves about the warning signs of suicidal thoughts, so we can recognise when someone needs support.

Individuals who find themselves in distress need support around them. This can be a friend, family member or professional counsellor. The act of reaching out might seem daunting, but we must remember that small gestures can have an enormous impact. A simple "How are you doing?" can be the beginning of a life-saving conversation.

As we observe Suicide Prevention Month, let us remind ourselves that every life is precious. Together, we can build environments where individuals do not feel alone in their struggles and have access to the support they need.

We can give a hand-up to everyone in our industry.

Will you help us reach those in need? Learn how you can get involved.