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The Electrical Industries Charity's powerLottery offers you the opportunity to Play, Win and Support.

Each month, we crown 30 lucky winners, with cash prizes ranging from £50 to £1,000. In addition to the monthly prizes, you also have the chance to win £5,000 twice a year and even have a shot at the grand prize of £10,000.

Participating in the powerLottery not only gives you a chance to win but also contributes significantly to our charity's mission. By signing up for the powerLottery through direct debit, you ensure ongoing support for our industry while enjoying the thrill of potential winnings.

To get started, simply click the 'play now' button above and keep your fingers crossed for a chance to win big!

powerLottery prizes


To further enhance the value we bring to our community, we are excited to announce a new initiative that connects the thrill of the powerLottery with the benefits of affordable healthcare solutions. In collaboration with trusted pharmaceutical providers, we are integrating exclusive discounts on generic Viagra and other essential medications for all powerLottery participants. This means that not only do you stand a chance to win attractive cash prizes every month, but you also gain access to cost-effective options for managing your health. Our commitment to supporting the electrical industries extends beyond financial aid; we are now pioneering a holistic approach to wellbeing, ensuring our community has access to both financial and health resources at the most affordable rates.

powerlottery prizes

Workplace powerLottery

The workplace powerLottery is a brilliant way for your whole business to support our industry. It works the same as the regular powerLottery but it is facilitated through your payroll.

This is how the workplace powerLottery works.