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Our annual health calendar focuses on some of the key topics that people in our industry have been dealing with in their everyday lives. Each month we will cover a different area of health and support, providing information and case studies and looking at some key facts and advice.

It’s important to take care of yourself and get the most from life. We are working towards and supporting our industry to become more pro-active in understanding what mental health is and how we can all maintain or improve our well-being. We all find time to ensure our physical health but rarely find time to look after our mental health which is just as important. Our health calendar is a great tool to provide you with information, stats, and guidance on the services we can provide to you, a family member, colleague or employee.

Health issues can put significant pressure on an individual and their family, therefore, having a larger support network is crucial to help them to overcome these struggles and have a brighter future ahead. Mental health issues can occur due to many factors including work or family related stress, financial problems such as debts, caring for a loved one, starting a new family or having a family breakdown. In our sector, stress and depression are some of the most common matters to deal with, but 95% of people in the industry never discuss feeling depressed with a significant other.  

It could be anyone around you who is currently suffering from effects of health problems and who needs support to help them to get back on their feet. The Electrical Industries Charity is here to help because if you work or have worked in our industry, you will never be alone.

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Sleep is the foundation of good health. It’s vital to survival - just like food, air and water - but many people are missing out on the benefits that good sleep can bring. When we sleep well, everything feels better. There really is no limit to the benefits that great sleep can bring. Whatever you're dreaming of, whether it's getting a dog, starting a new relationship, losing weight, starting a family, being more active, managing your emotions better, having more energy, taking up a new hobby, socialising more or something else, great sleep can help you reach those goals. To help our industry members get the best sleep possible we’ve partnered with Sleepstation. Sleepstation combines psychology and sleep science with dedicated support and guidance to help people get great sleep. Their clinically validated service is delivered entirely online and overseen by a dedicated team of sleep coaches, medical doctors and sleep experts. They’ll show you how to apply the science, taking into account your personal needs and circumstances, to help you reach your goals. Improved sleep can increase your energy levels, reduce stress, calm anxiety, lift your mood, boost your immunity, improve your brain function and so much more. And they’ll give you more than just the theory, they’ll also be there, every step of the way, to support and guide you on your journey to better sleep. Sleepstation is available to those in need and meeting our charity eligibility criteria.

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