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What is the Charity Stand Down Hour?

The Charity Stand Down Hour is an annual donation of just one hour of your salary to the Electrical Industries Charity.

The Charity Stand Down Hour is a really simple way you can make a massive difference for your industry charity. The Charity Stand Hour is facilitated through your payroll system. All you have to do is notify your Charity Stand Hour coordinator that you wish the donate and they will arrange everything for you. There are no change buckets, or fundraising links all you have to say is ‘I want to take part in the Charity Stand Down Hour’. Your Charity Stand Down Hour donation is deducted from your wage by your payroll team and then donated to the Electrical Industries Charity to support sector colleagues in need.

Why take part?

To support the only charity specifically for you no matter your circumstance. Your hour can provide counselling sessions, modified wheelchairs, hospital transportation or support someone’s mortgage while they get back on their feet. Every year the Electrical Industries Charity support thousands of people who need a hand up to help them get to being their best again. Most importantly, your Charity Stand Down Hour will help the EIC to continue to support the electrical and energy sector for another 100 years.

The next step:

Register your companies interest by emailing Tessa Ogle on

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