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Join Forces with EIC

Organisations like yours can support the Electrical Industries Charity and the colleagues we help every year by joining forces with the EIC. There are two big ways you can support the EIC by becoming an EIC Wellbeing Champion or partnering with the EIC through a Commercial Agreement (CA).

An EIC Wellbeing Champion Business promotes positive wellbeing within their organisation and aims to support employees the best they can. To help champion businesses achieve this the EIC offer all our EIC Champion Businesses access to tailor made resources and wellbeing presentations as well as extended access to the EAP provided by the EIC.

About Our Wellbeing Champions

Our Wellbeing Champions recognise the overwhelming need for support in our industry. They strive to ensure the Charity remains, relevant, accessible, and thought provoking. Our champions help to shape our work within the industry by sharing their experiences and needs. As well as being ambassadors for the Charity within the sector. The EIC champions programme focuses on our six core values and how we can grow our presences and better our support in the industry. These were set out for us by our 10-founding electrical and energy industry members in 1905.

Why we have Wellbeing Champions

To keep our free and confidential services available to the industry we rely on organisations and individuals, such as yourselves to help the Charity in many ways. This could be financially through participating in and promoting fundraising initiatives across the sector. It could be through championing the Charity in the sector as an ambassador, ensuring a wide presence in all industries. It may also be through implementing and driving best practices for our industry and members such as mental health awareness and an industry EAP programme.

Benefits to being an EIC Wellbeing Champion

As an EIC Wellbeing Champion you are not only supporting your industries Charity to be sustainable for future generations, but you are also gaining a partner who is leading industry change. You will have access to all standard EIC services, and we will exclusively offer you the following member benefits:

As well as access to all the standard EIC services you will also have the following member benefits: 

  • Your company logo displayed on screens at all Charity events (where events have appropriate equipment) 
  • Promotion through our Wellbeing champion social media campaign 
  • Featured in our monthly LiveWire newsletter 
  • Featured on our website  
  • A dedicated welfare case manager for all service support and enquiries.

Who should join our Wellbeing Champions programme?

Our Wellbeing Champions programme is open to anyone who is working or has worked within the electrical and energy sector, along with all companies large and small within the industries. We are a Charity created by industry members to serve industry members. This programme has been designed to give all industry members the opportunity to shape their Charity to suit the changing industry needs. As well as providing the Charity with many more ambassador voices within the sector.

If any of the below questions apply to your company, the Wellbeing Champions programme is just what you need:

  • Do you want to get your staff more involved with well-being initiatives that matter to our industry?
  • As a business have you focused on ‘Safety’ much more than health?
  • Do you have staff who have expressed interest in volunteering, but you don’t know where best to direct their attention?
  • As a business do you have structured wellbeing programmes that your staff know about and use?
  • Have you rolled out the Charity’s Industry EAP programme to your staff?

To become an EIC Wellbeing Champion Business we ask you implement three fundraising initiatives into your organisation to support our industry and our industries charity:

The Charity Stand Down Hour works on the premise of each member of staff donating just one hour of their salary to EIC. It is facilitated completely through your payroll and will be automatically deducted as a one-off donation annually.

EIC Day is a fundraising day which can be implemented across all branches with the aim of each employee fundraising or donating just £10 to EIC. EIC Day can happen in the form of a trivia night, a dress-down day, a bake sale or a fancy-dress day.

Our industry has a lottery that funds the health and well-being services of the Electrical Industry. To implement the workplace lottery staff are given access to a portal to register and a payroll contact is delivered a deduction report for the monthly payroll.  For as little as £1 per month staff could win up to £1,000 or £500 a month with 40 cash prizes plus a mega prize draw of £10,000 to be won twice a year in June and December.

By becoming a champion, you will take on a vital role within the Charity to make sure the work we do is meaningful and preventative. Our champions will assist in ensuring the Charity is around for another 100 years, as we strive to reshape the lives of the people we support and the industries we serve. To become a champion or for more information contact business@electricalcharity.org