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Commercial Agreements with EIC

Help your industries Charity support more industry members in need by signing up to a Commercial Agreement (CA).

What is a CA with EIC?

CA partnership is focused on the manufactures and electrical wholesalers. The programme is designed by the individual companies where a percentage or a defined value of service is donated to the Electrical Industries Charity. CA is focused on benefitting all parties involved, the Charity gain much needed financial support, a Charity ambassador, and more visibility within the industry. As a CA partner you get a focused CSR initiative that encompasses your entire supply chain, the ability to change the financial sustainably of your industries Charity for future generations to come and most importantly allows us to provide the support services to customers who need it the most.

Why become a CA partner?

To keep our free and confidential services available to the industry we rely on organisations and individuals, such as yourselves to help the Charity in many ways. With the demand for services growing tenfold it is likely now more than ever that an industry colleague, an employee, or a customer you know has had or needs support from the Charity. By becoming a CA partner, you are ensuring the Charity can support more industry people in need when they are faced with challenging times.

How can you support Corporate Social Responsibility in your business?

By becoming a CA partner, you are contributing to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment. When implementing this initiative, you are donating directly to the industry and your entire supply chain. You are assisting in continuing and developing education and training in our industry such as Mental Health training and financial assistance to those in our industry that have fallen on hard times. Through this partnership you are gaining additional Charity support services for your employees and their immediate family members should they need it.
Through this partnership, you are showing the importance of giving back to our community and specifically our industries Charity which was created by industry members to serve industry members.

What EIC offer you in return for becoming a CA Partner:

As a CA partner you are not only supporting your industries Charity to be sustainable for future generations, but you are also gaining a partner who is leading industry change. You will have access to all standard EIC services, and we will exclusively offer you the following member benefits.


  • Your company logo will be displayed on screens at all Charity events*.
  • You will be thanked in all event table brochures.
  • We will promote your support through CA on all our social media platforms.
  • You will be featured as a CA partner in Charity email campaigns.
  • You will be thanked biannual in the Charity LiveWire Magazine.
  • You will be featured on the Charity website.

*This applies to all events with appropriate equipment.


  • Extended counselling and mental health support of 6 sessions in comparison to our standard 4 sessions.
  • A dedicated welfare officer for all service support and enquires.
  • Expert facilitated virtual health presentations in line with the EIC monthly health calendar.

To become a CA partner or for more information regarding CA with EIC please contact fundraising@electricalcharity.org