For many people, being retired means a reduced income which can leave individuals struggling to pay household bills, unsecured debts, or both. Any unexpected expenses, such as replacing a broken appliance may become difficult to cover.

Businesses adopting the PSP can reach out to their retired colleagues in need, often providing a vital community connection that can be lost in retirement.

The Charity can provide a hand up with financial grants and assistance services. To achieve the best outcomes for our PSP clients we work seamlessly with a broad range of professional charitable and service providers across the community, health, welfare, legal, financial and psychology spectrum.

We are members of the Helplines Partnership and our counselling services are accredited with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

All services provided by the EIC and its partner organisations remain free and confidential

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Client Story

Alan Northcott worked in electronics testing and assembly, but was forced to give up work when caring for his son became more challenging and his wife, Linda, was unable to manage him alone. Nicky, aged 38, has severe learning disabilities. He was born profoundly deaf, has no speech, is incontinent, epileptic, and severely autistic. In addition Nicky was recently diagnosed with a blood complaint which necessitates regular injections in hospital further complicating his care.

Alan and Linda are in their 60s, and not in good health themselves, with high blood pressure, angina and arthritis. They are unable to have holidays alone, as Nicky cannot be left with strangers, as he becomes very distressed and agitated, and this can quickly turn to violence when he is frightened.

The Charity granted a respite break to the family which enabled them to recharge their batteries and enjoy different scenery in a location that had facilities to cater for Nicky’s needs.  For Alan and Linda this makes all the difference to their family and has given them the respite they need to fight through another year.

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