A cancer diagnosis is extremely upsetting for anybody, but it can be an even greater shock when it comes after what was perhaps thought to be a fairly routine medical appointment. This was the case for 56 year old James, whose dentist referred him to hospital where he was diagnosed with throat cancer.

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James was referred to the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) by Macmillan Cancer Support. He lives in Scotland with his 65 year old wife and has served for 14 years as a Sales Representative for CEF. The Charity were able to assist James through their Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). The EAP is funded by EIC’s powerLottery, which costs as little as £1 per month to enter and offers monthly prizes of up to £1,000.

Throat cancer occurs when cells in your throat, voice box or tonsils develop genetic mutations. These mutations cause cells to grow uncontrollably and continue living after healthy cells would normally die, and the accumulating cells can form a tumour in your throat.

When James went to his GP with a sore throat he was prescribed antibiotics and told there was nothing to worry about but, merely by chance, he had an appointment the very next day with his dentist, who was immediately concerned. He referred James to hospital where it was discovered he had developed a tumour in his soft pallet. James underwent surgery, which was followed by six weeks of radiotherapy and two courses of chemotherapy. James stayed at the hospital throughout his treatment, and it is very likely that he will need to be fitted with a PEG feeding tube into his stomach.

Being diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic thing for anyone to experience, and going to work one day only to be told the next that you’ll be enduring a long spell in hospital is a major personal adjustment to have to deal with. Adding the financial pressure from not being able to work after facing up to the fact you have a life threatening illness exacerbates an already challenging situation.

This is where the Charity can step in and provide help both emotionally and financially. James and his wife are in receipt of Universal Credit and a small occupational pension but are struggling financially due to his time off work. EIC provided a grant of £600 to assist them over the next three months, by which time it is hoped James will be over the cancer and able to return to work.

EIC’s powerLottery helps to provide financial support to people like James by funding the Charity’s various Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs). powerLottery costs just £1 pound per entry, but you can increase your chances of winning by purchasing up to 40 entries per month. In addition to the monthly prizes there are also two half-yearly grand prizes of £10,000. Download the powerLottery app via your phone or tablet and sign up today.

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