During Mental Health Awareness Week we launched our Virtual Mental Health Awareness Training Course which can be undertaken from your front room with just a device and internet connection.

These sessions are delivered by a qualified trainer from our welfare team via secure web portals. Some of our industry leaders have already participated in our Virtual Mental Health Awareness Training sessions and we would like to say a huge thank you to them:

industry heroes

Thank you to EDF Energy, JTL, Schneider and Aico for championing positive mental health within your workplaces.

Our Virtual Mental Health Awareness Courses can be undertaken from any location and can be delivered to a maximum of six participants per session.

Your staff may be furloughed but they can still partake in training to benefit the workplace. This is exactly what EIC Virtual Mental Health Awareness Courses offer.

We offer five different Mental Health Virtual Training Courses:

1. Mental Health Awareness Training

  • Highlights and explains some of the common mental illnesses and disorders
  • Interactive discussion about COVID-19 and how to engage in self-care
  • Which steps to take (remotely) if you spot the signs of somebody with mental ill health
  • How to approach the conversation with an employee suffering from mental ill health

2. Anxiety and Depression Focused Virtual Training Session

  • Learn to better engage with the subjects of anxiety & depression as experienced during COVID-19
  • We break down the diagnosis commonalities, differences and develop interactive discussion on anxiety, depression and COVID-19
  • Case study and support solution discussions
  • We delve into support strategies for self and others in need

3. Stress Focused Virtual Training Session

  • Approach the subject of Stress
  • We discuss stress-management coping strategies
  • How to protect yourself from both physical and psychological stress-related issues

4. Relationship Breakdown and Repair-Focused Training Session

  • What is relationship breakdown and how do we repair it?
  • How are our relationships being tested during COVID-19?
  • We discuss the relationships we have with ourselves and how to improve on them
  • We look at support strategies we can use to help ourselves and others in need

5. SOS (Save our Sanity!) Parenting 101 with the EIC

  • How to support your family, or a colleague/employee's family, through difficult times
  • We tackle some of the general challenges you may encounter with your child at different developmental stages (eg.infants/children/teenagers)
  • We help you to recognise and understand how your child/teenager may be dealing with isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic and ways to support them
  • We highlight some of the difficulties facing children if parents go through a relationship breakdown and how best to support them

Register your businesses interest by emailing Sarah Coldwell: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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