The powerLottery is The Electrical Industries Charity biggest revenue stream and helps to support our industry colleagues who need a hand up in difficult times. Every single month the powerLottery makes 40 players a little bit better off with 40 cash prizes to be won. The powerLottery also makes our sector a little bit better off as every ticket sale supports key charitable services to our industry. By playing powerLottery you’re giving someone CV support, financial aid, emergency housing, bereavement counselling, mental health support or a hot meal. The powerLottery also helps industry colleagues who may be struggling with undiagnosed conditions.

Stuart, an IT modelling engineer for Nuclear Generation Company was supported by the charity after his HR team flagged his change at work. The Electrical Industries Charity are well versed in workplace liaison and often act as a branch of support for those within organisations who are concerned about an employee. Stuart’s HR contacted the Charity support team after recognising Stuart was struggling to complete regular tasks within work. Wanting Stuart to gain impartial support, HR put the Charity in touch with Stuart. The Charity support team spoke with Stuart at length about how his every day had changed.

News Intro AlzheimersThe Electrical Industries Charity sourced a private neurological examination, which was funded by the powerLottery. Unfortunately, Stuart’s results were inconclusive, but his condition was deteriorating, he was becoming more confused and struggling to remember routine details like his pin number, how to access work data and how to log into different platforms. Understandably, Start was becoming frustrated with the lack of diagnosis and his inability to perform simple tasks.

Following a further assessment Stuart was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, aged just 53. The Electrical Industries Charity continued to support Stuart and his family. It was important to Stuart and his family that he was able to make decisions about his own treatment, care, finances and work. Stuart made the difficult decision to leave work and took early retirement. The Charity contacted social services on the family’s behalf who recommended an Alzheimer’s assistance service and introduced Stuart’s wife to a carers support group.

The Electrical Industries Charity also helped Stuart’s wife to apply for carer’s benefit and ensured her wellbeing was also looked after during this difficult time. Stuart’s wife had no understanding of their finances and their Charity caseworker worked through their statements and accounts. Following this Stuart's wife had a clearer picture of their budget and what they could afford should Stuart need to go into residential care.

Stuart’s charity caseworker also arranged for him to attend weekly therapy sessions. This gave Stuart the opportunity to speak openly about his feelings, diagnosis and helped reduce his feelings of anger and anxiety. Stuart and his family continue to manage his condition at home and the Electrical Industries Charity regularly check in on Stuart and his wife. The powerLottery has been instrumental in getting Stuart and his family the support they need at a very trying time. By playing the powerLottery you’re giving a family hope for a diagnosis, financial stability, time together and support.



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If you or someone you know is struggling to deal with a life-changing diagnosis and requires support, please contact the EIC support team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0800 652 1618.

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