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In 2016 the Charity launched its first fundraising initiative for special cases where a financial grant just wasn’t enough to cover the family’s need for the longer term.


EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    EIC Challenge for a Cause – Great Wall of China Trek 2018

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Great Wall of China

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    EIC Challenge for a Cause – Arctic Adventure 2018

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Iceland Marathon

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    EIC Challenge for a Cause – Mt Kilimanjaro 2017

To find out how this challenge helped our cause click here.

Mt Kilimanjaro

Greater support through charity partnerships

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Fuel Poverty - nPower Health Through Warmth

nPower Health Through WarmthThe Health Through Warmth scheme is an npower community initiative that was set up in 2000, working together with the NHS and National Energy Action (NEA), the national fuel poverty charity. Health Through Warmth aims to help people with cold related illnesses to have heating and insulation installed which they couldn't afford without financial assistance from the scheme and other sources. From January 2012, the geographical scope of the Health Through Warmth scheme increased and its services are now available to vulnerable residents throughout England and Wales. Health Through Warmth manager, Elaine Midwinter, wants the Electrical Industries Charity and other charities to know that they can refer people in need and by taking a part in this process they will have a vital role to play in how successful we are in reaching those whose health is most at risk from cold living conditions....

In the UK, approximately seven million people don't have sufficient heating in their homes*, which can adversely affect the health of vulnerable individuals. People with chronic condi-tions, such as cardiovascular or respiratory diseases are the most likely to be adversely af-fected by cold living environments.

Charitable organisation are in an ideal position to identify people likely to need help from the scheme and referrals from the third sector are most welcome. This year, for the first time, the scheme is available across England and Wales, meaning that many more people will be able to benefit from help with heating and insulation to resolve cold living conditions that aggra-vate their health. There are no age restrictions when making referrals to the scheme and peo-ple don't have to be or become npower customers.

npower Health Through Warmth relies on health and other community professionals to refer vulnerable people for help with heating and insulation measures. When carrying out work, contractors are always selected by Health Through Warmth from approved lists so clients don't have to worry about getting quotes.

A person's level of warmth, comfort and quality of life can be greatly improved not only by having heating installed or repaired but also by adding insulation if it is needed, and the Elec-trical Industries Charity and other charities can play part in helping achieve this by referring people in need.

Eligibility criteria for Health Through Warmth

EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    A long-term, cold related illness
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Inadequate heating and/or insulation
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Low household income, with little or no savings (assessed)
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Homeowner (resident at property for over 1 year)
            Measures Health Through Warmth can assist with:
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Cavity wall and loft insulation
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Boiler repair or replacement
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Heating systems or appliances
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Access to grants and other funds
EIC Icon ArrowRight Orange    Energy efficiency advice

If you would like help and support via the scheme please contact our assess assistance line on the free number 0800 652 1618.

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