My employer and the EIC worked together to provide an income when we lost our baby. It meant so much to be cared for at that time.

Mathew Clow and his wife Alexa had a 2½ year old daughter and a new baby daughter, Daisy, aged 3½ months. Sadly, Daisy had been born with a Mitrochrondial disorder and had severe brain damage – her life expectancy was just a few months. Alexa was on maternity leave and Mat had been signed off work by his GP; the hospice advised them to spend as much time together as a family and to build memories of their time together.

The family were only receiving minimal benefits, and Mat was very worried as to how they would manage their mortgage, heating and other essential bills during this very traumatic time.

Ian Tasker at Cass Electrical Co Ltd in Rotherham, contacted our assistance line to see if we would be able to assist Mat. The small Electrical Contractor had been a supporter of the Charity for many years and with only 36 full-time staff knew it wouldn’t be able to keep funding his sick pay.

The EIC were able to step in and agree to pay their bills. 

Daisy passed away at Easter and Mat felt able to return to work in May. Mat and his family had been well supported by friends and family, and the hospice. However, our financial assistance during this period was invaluable and he and his family were hugely grateful for our help at this time.

“To give my family the gift of time is something that I’ll never be able to repay. This was the hardest time in my life and to have my employer and the charity support me financially relieved all the pressure. As a family we have lost our Daisy but we will never lose the memories of her last few months. For this there are no words of gratitude that will ever feel enough.” Mat

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