The Electrical Industries Charity invites you to get active this summer by taking on a walking challenge of 80 days around the world while raising vital funds for the Dickinson family.

The Charity’s journey around the world is part of its new Challenge for a Cause campaign, which aims to raise £250,000 to transform the Dickinson family’s lives by giving them a long-lasting family home and help Caz Dickinson, a loving wife and a mother of three, with her development.
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With 40,000 runners out in force to raise money for their individual charities, the atmosphere at the Virgin London Marathon was buzzing. Eight strong individuals took on the challenge to represent the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) at this year’s event. They shed blood, sweat and tears to train for the gruelling 26-mile run. The EIC would like to express our sincere thanks to Mike Allen, Tom Panton, Mel Dean, Bruno Seguin, Eleena Psomadakis, Philippe Guerin, Neville Pellatt and James Lawrence.

Mel reported to us, “I thoroughly enjoyed it although [I was] completely exhausted at the end so just wanted to get home and sleep! I managed to achieve 5 hours 38 minutes, which I was really pleased with. Over an hour off my 2016 time and well under my target of 6 hours.” It is great to see personal bests come through and as a charity we love to see our supporters having fun and achieving their goals.

ECA LogoThe Electrical Industries Charity is proud to announce its partnership with the Electrical Contractors’ Association’s (ECA) Power Players initiative.

Power Players is a brand-new industry-wide initiative which was created to find and promote young inspirational talent within the electrical and building controls industry.

The Charity is working in partnership alongside industry-wide organisations to provide the recognition and the most needed support for bright future stars to further their career. As part of the new partnership, the Charity will be working with leading industry organisations to provide the lucky winners with a scholarship grant entitlement to utilise on a fundraising initiative. In return, these exceptional leaders will support and mentor those in the industry struggling to complete their apprenticeships due to unforeseen circumstances in their lives.

UnknownThe Electrical Industries Charity is working in partnership with BlueSky Pensions to increase awareness of the new Challenge for a Cause campaign which aims to raise £250,000 to transform the lives of the Dickinson family.

BlueSky will be promoting the Electrical Industries Charity’s new Challenge for a Cause ‘Raise the Roof’ campaign at their Annual Summer Party 2017.

The Electrical Industries Charity’s ‘Raise the Roof’ campaign was set up to help the Dickinson family to look forward to the future and help a mother of three, Caz Dickinson with her development. By sponsoring one brick at a time, you will have a unique opportunity to have your name/company name engraved on each brick that you sponsor.

By Tessa Ogle, Managing Director of the Electrical Industries Charity 

No matter how old or young you are, once in a while we all need a helping hand to help us to overcome the challenging situations in our lives and build a better future for ourselves. More and more young people in the industry are choosing to build a career and create a better life for themselves through apprenticeships, but for some young talent, this is not an option.

Currently, there are a lot of young stars who are unable to pursue their dream career due to unforeseen circumstances in their lives. This could be due to many different reasons; some may have an illness that it is standing in their way of having a brighter and happier future, others may be caring for a loved one or they may just simply not have enough income to create the life they deserve.

Every so often no matter how old or young you are, we all go through challenging situations in our lives and need a bit of support when trying to create a better future. Most of us have that support network which keeps us going towards reaching a goal. But others are in need of a helping hand to give them the strength and motivation to keep going.

The Electrical Industries Charity designed the Apprentice Support Programme which recognises the resilience of young people in the electrical industry and delivers the services to ensure that they get the right support to create a promising career path for themselves. 

A new adventure in 2018

The Electrical Industries Charity is undertaking their nest big fundraising challenge Challenge for a Cause - Arctic Adventure - to help rebuild the future for the Dickinson family.

Caz Dickinson, a mother, grandmother and a loving wife spent 15 years working for a large electrical wholesaler until her life changed in the blink of an eye. On the 4 January 2009, Caz collapsed in her home, hit her head on the bathroom floor and was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with a Grade 4 brain haemorrhage. Since her collapse, she has faced numerous major operations and has been left with severe, irreversible brain damage.

The Electrical Industries Charity recognises the importance of the essential support network for young talent in the electrical industry and launched the Apprentice Support Programme to help apprentices to create a career they deserve.

Apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity for a young person in the electrical industry to earn and learn while gaining invaluable training and life skills. Although there are a lot of young people in the electrical sector who are trying to build their career, for some, this is not an option due to unforeseen circumstances in their lives.

We can give a hand-up to everyone in our industry.

Will you help us reach those in need? Learn how you can get involved.