10th September 2020

EIC day is coming on the 10th September and we need your help to raise much needed funds for the Electrical Industries Charity.

Our target is to raise £100,000 before the 10th September for those in our sector who need support most and this is how you can help. We’re asking for just £10 from each of our electrical industry colleagues to keep the EIC fighting in your corner.

fundraising img 2

fundraising img 1

eic day fundraising

Why £10? Over 100 years ago, 10 electrical industry colleagues put £10 each on a table to form the charity you see today. Their £10 has helped your industry for over a century and today the EIC help over 10,000 people who need assistance. We need your £10 pledge to continue the growth of the EIC and the support services we can offer.

To pledge your £10 head over to our donation page and make your donation towards the future of your charity.


Alternatively, if you would like to get involved with EIC Day and create your own fundraising event then please contact the fundraising team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0203 696 1710.